The Journey

The USA leads the world in technology and right off her shores is Haiti the poorest nation in our hemisphere.

Our primary objective in this partnership was to build infrastructure for community empowerment but along the way we gained so much more!

We visited St. Joseph’s in February of 2008 to gather information and ascertain the plausibility of our modest church, the historic St. Mary’s Church and Shrine of Our Lady of Fatima in rural Upper Montgomery County Maryland, initiating a relationship with the parish of St Joseph’s in Carcasse, Haiti.

This visit raised more questions than it answered, not least of which was, “How are we going to make a difference when we know absolutely nothing about third world development?” The all encompassing need in Haiti is an assault on the senses of a first world visitor. The infrastructure on which we depend is nearly non-existent in Haiti, and the daily struggle to procure clean water, cook food, and wash clothes leaves very little time and energy for self improvement. The need was obvious and overwhelming, leaving us with little choice but a great desire to help.


This began our rather imperfect odyssey into the world of international aid. The most difficult part of any new relationship is communication. St. Joseph’s had neither phone nor internet service with which to communicate to the world outside its bounds, and our newly formed relationship had no chance to grow if, indeed, we could not communicate. Out of necessity, internet service became the first priority.


We needed to develop a network of like minded people here to support this initiative, and WOW! everyone from all around us began to fall into line and commit to this project.  From medical missions to solar initiatives we have found a broad basis of support. St. Mary’s has been an active part of considerable positive change in Carcasse.