St. Mary’s partners with Health and Education for Haiti to provide yearly medical missions staffed by volunteer doctors from the US.  


These missions generally see eight hundred to a thousand patients during the week they are in Carcasse.  Patients that need follow up care are referred to the local hospital and these referrals are paid for by the medical mission.  


Through the generosity of Dr. Frank Nice, medicines are provided to the Bill and Kathy Nice Medical Clinic, named after Frank’s deceased brother and sister.  The building is leased by St. Mary’s for the benefit of the citizens of Carcasse.  


This clinic is staffed with two nurses, provided by the Haitian Government, and a Haitian doctor (paid for by St. Mary’s) who spend two weeks out of each month seeing patients in Carcasse.  This does not guarantee western style health care, but it does give the citizens of Carcasse access to a doctor, nurses, and medicines.

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Medical Mission to Carcasse, Haiti

January 31 – February 10, 2017