Clean Water

In 1840 the life span for a typical American in the USA was only 45 years, but  by 1910 we had raised that figure to 72 years.  All of the medical advances in the last 100+ years have only added 6 years onto that figure.  In the 70 years between 1840 and 1910 we learned the importance of clean water for good health.  The life expectancy of a typical Haitian is only 50 years.  There is very little clean water available in the country and none for the Haitians in Carcasse.  


We have been working on a number of projects to improve sanitation and the availability of clean water in Carcasse.  These include conducting surveys among the people (and surrounding areas), identifying water sources, determining patterns of behavior and possible solutions.  In 2016 we funded the digging of a well and are working closely with the community to make this water available to the people of Carcasse.